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Campbell's® Hot N Handy© Classic Mug and Bowl Set

Price: $12.95
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In Stock


This plastic microwave mug and bowl set will make your life a little easier!

  • Includes a microwave-safe, splatter-proof lid
  • Vented lid lets off steam and eliminates splatters
  • Made of high-impact polystyrene
  • Mug holds 14 oz and bowl up to 19 oz
  • BPA Free
  • Hand wash recommended


Overall Rating
Based on 4 Reviews
Marilyn Elliott
just love it but would been great if dishwasher safe for those busy days and days you are sick. However, I just love it. I thought it was the breakable one but plastic is good
Susan B
Nice plastic cups for heating and storing your soup. Light and cute. Some of the red paint on the campbell mug did bubble up and come off when I used it, not as cute, but still works.
Item Name: Campbell's® Hot N Handy© Classic Mug and Bowl Set
This was the worst waste of money. There was no mention that this is plastic. and when my husband took it out of the box the handle came off.
Probably my fault but I assumed these were ceramic. My sister in law has a Campbells soup mug and it is a lot bigger and it is heavy. That what I was searching the internet for when I ran across these. These are very cheap plastic. I paid over $20 for two sets. I wouldn't pay more that $2 for these!!!!!.

I feel this site should have provided a better description and should have stated that these were plastic. The pictures are misleading.

I am going to request a refund. These were going to be a Christmas gift and I am extremely disappointed.
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