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Who Grew My Soup?

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Who Grew My Soup? tells the story of young Phineas Quinn and his questions about the vegetable soup his mom serves for lunch. Phin declares he won't slurp a single spoonful until he knows:

  • Who grew these carrots? Who grew these tomatoes?
  • These beans and this barley? This corn? These potatoes?Who sprouted this spinach? Who planted these peas?
  • And who picked this celery? Tell me now, please?

I'll not take one sip of this vegetable goop unless you tell me this: Who grew my soup? Much to Phin's surprise, a man in a flying tomato balloon shows up to answer this stirring question. Join Phin and magical Mr. Mattoo as they fly from farm to farm, learning about amazing vegetables and the farmers who grow them.
Who Grew My Soup? is an entertaining and educational 32-page paperback book featuring the illustrations of award-winning artist, caricaturist, and illustrator C. F. Payne. Mr. Payne's work has appeared in Time magazine, Rolling Stone magazine, Sports Illustrated magazine, and National Geographic magazines, and his portraits can be found in the Norman Rockwell Museum and the National Portrait Gallery.

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